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Diverse Learning Environments



Oakville Preschool Learning Centre is a family run service privately owned by Elle Connor and her young family. Elle and her husband Ryan have lived in the community for over 30 years. Elle was the Nominated Supervisor/Director of Oakville Preschool for over 10 year. Elle (Owner/Approved Provider), Kristy (Director/Nominated Supervisor) and Mel (Assistant Director) are responsible for the day to day running of the service. Their passion for the early childhood industry, Centre and Community is second to none. They work cohesively to provide the best care and education in the industry and to be positive and professional role models and leaders to their team of educators. Elle, Kristy and Mel have all been    members of the community for decades.

The management team at Oakville Preschool Learning Centre are highly skilled educational professionals who have extensive childcare and early learning experience.They are advocates for quality early childhood education and care and the industry as a whole. The leadership and  management style at Oakville Preschool Learning Centre promotes a positive organisational culture that builds a professional learning community. Elle, Kristy and Mel are passionate about their roles and pride themselves in providing a unique service as industry leaders. 


We offer a successful Prep Program that supports children with their transition to big School. Our Prep room focuses on providing the children with the skills required to be best prepared for the transition to School. In a fun, educational and interactive environment we offer an award winning program that is recognised by local Schools as outstanding and effective. Visual imagery is one of the most important tools for learning and exploring ideas in early childhood and the use of an interactive whiteboard is the most efficient way of providing visual imagery and learning, bringing a lesson to life. Early reading, writing, maths, science, international languages, sports and agriculture are all incorporated into our programs. We use the Funky Phonics program to foster successful reading and writing. During the year we the children explore the 42 main sounds English through our systematic phones program. We also learn a second language through our ELLA program. 



The Joey room caters for children from 3-4 years of age. The Joey room is a fun and exciting room. The children are exposed to many experiences that foster healthy relationships and allow them to connect to the world and environment they live in.Educators focus on encouraging the children to co-operate with others, to enhance prosocial skills, to take care of friends and to make and follow simple rules. The children will also undertake structured and more complex play activities promoting skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, independence, confidence, social skills and interests that foster each child’s development. The Joey room has a program in place that supports all children to transition smoothly to our Kangaroo Prep Room.


The Cockatoo room is a nurturing environment and our youngest age group catering from children 2- 3 years of age. We welcome all children, from those who have not been in care before to those who have. This environment caters to all children’s needs. The Cockatoo room individualises settling techniques to suit all children and families. From a visit to our farm, garden or a special wave goodbye to Mum and Dad we offer many settling methods to ensure the smoothest transition to Oakville Preschool. This room focuses on self help skills and independence, whilst exploring the world and environment. Children are encouraged to explore and play in the environment, therefore enhancing their social skills and allowing them to learn social competence. Through intentional teaching practices children are exposed to educational experiences. Our program follows the children’s interest and aims to extend each child’s knowledge and further develop their skills.

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