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About Us

Oakville Preschool Learning Centre is a privately owned Centre. The Centre is owned and operated by Elle Connor and her young family. Elle Connor has managed and Directed the Centre for 10 years and has a deep connection with the local community and its members. Oakville Preschool is a unique agricultural  based early learning centre caring for and educating children 2yrs to 6yrs of age.  Our centre holds a rating of EXCEEDING the National Quality Standards. Our centre is a mix of nature and premium technology. We aim to support all areas of a child’s development from emotional and social to academic. All activities are conducted in a fun; hands on approach to learning which has seen Oakville Preschool win multiple awards, and be viewed as leaders within our industry.


We employ additional educators then required in the regulations and additional trained educators then required, with high staff retention. Our staffing arrangements are consistent and provide our families and children with continuity of care. We understand the needs of our local community and families because we are a part of the community.

Our Philosophy

At Oakville Preschool Learning Centre educators will work in accordance with the Early Years Learning framework, National Quality Framework and the children’s service regulations. We will provide a service of high quality care that is recognised for its excellence within the early childhood field. At Oakville Preschool we strive to build a relationship between children, Educators, Families and our Community that is built upon respect, trust and support.

Our Aim

- Provide an environment that supports being, belonging and becoming (The elements of The Early Years Learning Framework)

- Recognise and foster children’s individual qualities as well as providing individual specialised programs for children with additional needs.

- Provide high quality care and a rich learning environment.

- Provide families with detailed information concerning their child’s development. - Liaise with families to create individual goals for their children to work towards.

- Develop a child centred program which encourages children to problem solve and make individual choices.

-  Provide small group activities, which are appropriate for the children’s abilities and needs.

- Provide a safe and secure environment that allows a close personal bond to occur between Educator and child.

- Treat children with respect as individuals and improve the children’s ability and confidence with fine and gross motor skills

- Encourage environmentally responsible practices within the centre that educate the children and families on the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

- Encourage parent participation and input through a range of sources.

- Encourage community involvement and network with surrounding children’s services.

- Support families in making connections with specialised support services and work together to enhance learning outcomes for the children.  

- Make a positive contribution to each child’s development.

- Provide an environment that allows children to form friendships with other children, for parents to form friendships with other parents and for children to learn through positive experiences and functions hosted by the centre.

- Encourage the children to treat each other with equality and respect regardless of gender, culture or ability. Encourage co-operation and support children with additional needs and to program according to their needs. Promote acceptance, understanding and empathy between the children.

- Promote a deep respect for Indigenous Culture and reconciliation. 


Our Achievements

April 2019: Awarded Number One Early Childhood Service in Australia

September 2019: Elle - Owner/Director Awarded ‘Business Excellence’ in the Ausmumpreneur awards in Melbourne

September 2019/2020/2021: Awarded Number One Early Childhood Service at the Hawkesbury Local Business Awards

October 2019: Awarded ‘ Team Excellence’ and winner of ‘Large Private Metropolitan Service’ at the Early Childhood Excellence Awards

February 2020/2021 and 2022:
Finalists in 2020 Australian small Business Champion Awards in 2 categories

Business of the Decade
Number One Early Childhood Service

March 2022: 

Winner of Team Excellene

Winner of Large Private Metropolitan Service 

Winners of 'Being a Good Sport 

@ The Early Childhood Excellence Awards