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About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands


About Us

Oakville Preschool Learning Centre is a privately owned Centre. The Centre is owned and operated by Elle Connor and her young family. Elle Connor has managed and Directed the Centre for 10 years and has a deep connection with the local community and its members. Oakville Preschool is a unique agricultural  based early learning centre caring for and educating children 2yrs to 6yrs of age.  Our centre holds a rating of EXCEEDING the National Quality Standards. Our centre is a mix of nature and premium technology. We aim to support all areas of a child’s development from emotional and social to academic. All activities are conducted in a fun; hands on approach to learning which has seen Oakville Preschool win multiple awards, and be viewed as leaders within our industry.


We employ additional educators then required in the regulations and additional trained educators then required, with high staff retention. Our staffing arrangements are consistent and provide our families and children with continuity of care. We understand the needs of our local community and families because we are a part of the community.

Our Philosophy

At Oakville Preschool Learning Centre educators will work in accordance with the Early Years Learning framework, National Quality Framework and the children’s service regulations. We will provide a service of high quality care that is recognised for its excellence within the early childhood field. At Oakville Preschool we strive to build a relationship between children, Educators, Families and our Community that is built upon respect, trust and support.

Our Commitments

Commitment to our Families:

-We are active listeners to our children and families to gain their ideas and perspectives embedding their cultures and beliefs within our service and encouraging parent participation. 

- Provide high quality care and a rich learning environment.

- Provide families with detailed information relating to their child’s development. 

- Liaise with families to work towards and acknowledge individual interests within each environment.

- Support families in making connections with specialised support services and work together to enhance learning outcomes for children.  

- We provide additional coordinator roles for educators to further support our families such as; First aid, Work Health & Safety, Kitchen maintenance/food safety and Handling, Munch n Move, Book Club and Wellness and wellbeing coordinators.

-Equity, inclusion and diversity are embedded in practice

- We will endeavour to continue our relationships and support the children and families even when they have left the service e.g. School visits, Prep Reunions. 


Commitment to our Educators:

- Educators participate in ongoing critical reflection, continually seeking ways to build their professional knowledge and practices and support one another as a team. 

-We strive for a cohesive team who are constantly working towards the same goals and evolving together. 

- We will provide passionate, qualified, and enthusiastic Educators who are positive role model towards educators and children and thrive off nurturing each child’s learning and development.  

- We provide additional coordinator roles such as; Creative expression, Wellness and wellbeing, First aid and Work Health & Safety coordinator to support educators. 

- We advocate for our Educators and will continue to support them with their roles, and we have an Educational Leader to oversee the development of learning programs, mentor and support educators with their own professional development. 

- We ensure we are providing high quality education and care through providing additional staff than required for ratios to support our families and service.

- We have a strong management team who prioritise educators’ wellbeing and encourage personal growth and development.

- Continuous improvement, best practice and quality outcomes underpin practice.


Commitment to our Environment:

- We aspire to have a positive social impact on the world by using our ability and strength as a service to educate and influence the children, families, educators and our community to reduce our carbon footprint. 

- As a service we appreciate and acknowledge the strong impact we can have on others and our world. Through programs and daily practices, we aim to develop strategies that foster company longevity and long-term value by taking into consideration the ecological, social and economic environment. 

- We encourage environmentally responsible practices within the centre that educate the children and families on the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable practices. 

- We have a passionate sustainability coordinator who supports the service, families and community to be environmentally aware.

- We provide a humane animal therapy program that is embedded into our service and the children all have the opportunity to care for our animals and watch them grow. 

Commitment to our Community:

- We strive to build community support and participation. We actively get out in our community and have strong relationships with local businesses.

- Encourage community involvement and network with surrounding children’s services

- We fundraise providing support to locals and businesses in need yearly, creating awareness and networking. We want to support and give back to our community. 

- We provide an Inclusive practices and diversity coordinator who supports our families and service through strengthening local relationships, working towards our RAP and informing and guiding practice.

- We are passionate about our community and continue to strengthen relationships within our local area.

- Local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are acknowledged. Accepted and valued. 

- Work with local health professionals to support children with their individuals health checks e.g. eyesight screeners, speech, hearing, dental hygiene. 

- To embrace our local community to provide Educational Incursions e.g Dog safety, Wild Earthlings/ Indigenous education

- To continue to build relationships with local Primary Schools to enable a smooth transition for our children into the primary school setting. 


Commitment to our Children:

- We provide an environment to encourage learning through play. As Educators we scaffold the children’s learning, confidence, curiosity, and imagination. Children learn about themselves and their diverse world through play and exploring. We support children to play collaboratively and respectfully. We promote teamwork, empathy, acceptance of diversity and disabilities.

- We believe that each child is unique with different interests and strengths and aim to extend upon these, forming the unique relationship between Educator and child.

- We aim for children to feel safe, loved, and confident within their surroundings to enable them to flourish within their environments.

- Develop a child centred program which encourages children to problem solve and make individual choices. 

- Provide small group activities, which are appropriate for the children’s abilities and needs.

- Provide a safe and secure environment that allows a close personal bonds and friendships to occur.

- Treat children with respect as individuals and improve the children’s ability and confidence with fine and gross motor skills.

-Children’s voices are heard and respected within our service, they contribute to our programs and reflections. 

- the rights and best interest of the child underpin all practice. Their safety, health and wellbeing are paramount. 

- The child safe standards are adapted within our service to support each child. 


Our Achievements

April 2019: Awarded Number One Early Childhood Service in Australia​

September 2019: Elle - Owner/Director Awarded ‘Business Excellence’ in the Ausmumpreneur awards in Melbourne​

September 2019/2020/2021/2022: Awarded Number One Early Childhood Service at the Hawkesbury Local Business Awards​

October 2019: Awarded ‘ Team Excellence’ and winner of ‘Large Private Metropolitan Service’ at the Early Childhood Excellence Awards​

February 2020/2021 and 2022:Finalists in 2020 Australian small Business Champion Awards in 2 categoriesBusiness of the DecadeNumber One Early Childhood Service​March 2022: Winner of Team ExcelleneWinner of Large Private Metropolitan Service Winners of 'Being a Good Sport @ The Early Childhood Excellence Awards

May 2023:Number One early Childhood Service at the Hawkesbury Business Awards 

October 2023: Number one Large Metropolitan Service at the Early Childhood Excellence Awards

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