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Fun & Creativity

Oakville Preschool Learning Centre operates over 3 separate rooms. Educators in each age group run a developmentally appropriate and educational program designed for individual children within the group.  


Our environment consists of learning areas that promote children’s being, belonging and becoming as outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The framework ensures that children in early childhood education experience quality teaching and learning and it has a specific emphasis on play-based learning that recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development. This framework supports the goals for young children to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, active and informed citizens.

We use a healthy mix of technology including a smartboard and Ipads to support educational exploration. We provide the best possible environment for all children to discover their optimum potential, while nurturing their unique individual personality and building a love for play and learning. Our unique programs offer an extensive range of experiences including agriculture (breeding, raising and caring for animals), gardening, health and safety and a second language.



At Oakville Preschool Learning Centre we have a Humane education program embedded into our every day practice.

We have developed comprehensive programs that embrace nature and connecting to the world around us. We provide opportunities for the children to use the natural world as an integral part of learning. Animals which are bred and raised at the Centre and cared for daily by the children are unique to our service. We also foster and care for injured animals and wildlife and save animals in need, such as from drought effected farms and bush fires. Our Humane education program supports positive mental health, it fosters healthy self-esteem and teachers the children empathy towards other living things. The children feed and visit our animals daily, the children collate their food scraps throughout the day to feed to the animals each afternoon. We learn about the lifecycles of different animals and teach the children responsibility through rising and caring for each animal. Our families are also involved in the raising and caring of our animals, it becomes a community approach and we are always excited to welcome a new animal to our Oakville Preschool farm. 


Children need connections to their natural world as a regular part of their healthy growth and development. Worm farms, composting, gardening and general suitability practices are a part of our daily programs and routines. Sustainability education, enables educators and children to promote a sense of responsibility, show respect for the natural environment, be active participants and bring about enquiry and social change. Our beautiful natural environment and centre philosophy embraces a sustainable approach and it positively impacts all seven areas of the National Quality Standards (NQS). Children's awareness of our environment is promoted through daily practices, resources and interactions.

We celebrate environmental days and incorporate these into our program. We are actively implanting ways to educate the children, families, staff and community on ways we can care for the world we live in. We are always working towards reducing our carbon footprint and making others aware of what they can do to help our environment. We adopt the mantra - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our worm farm, compost, garden, animals, use of recycled items and our overall awareness of a sustainable approach all contributes to the positive difference we make and the impact we have on others, in particular the youth of today. 

Community Approach

Oakville Preschool Learning Centre considers involvement and ongoing connections with families and the community essential and a huge part of our Service and program. We believe we have the ability to make positive changes to others and impact our own community to assist others in need and to create global awareness. As a member of our community we acknowledge that our employees, clients and the wider community will benefit from our commitment to community support and engagement. Our connections continue to grow as we as a Service seek out ways to engage with our community. We tailor our programs to foster healthy relationships between our Service and Community. We expose our children and families to various opportunities to be involved in supporting both our local and wider community, as well as supporting our Country and World. Our healthy staffing arrangements allows us to be active members of our community, our educators are able to be out in the community helping, collaborating and building relationships. We host many events that support our community and embrace every opportunity to be involved. We have a deep respect for the Indigenous culture and have connections with Elders within our community. 

Munch & Move

Early childhood is the ideal time for children to develop and practice healthy eating and physical activity habits. This includes learning a range of fundamental movement skills that will help children take part in and enjoy physical activity throughout their lives. Munch & Move supports NSW Early Childhood Education and Care Services to adopt health promoting practices. Munch and Move aligns with both the National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Framework. Our daily programs and routines support this initiative. We have a Munch and Move Coordinator who provides our families, educators and children with optimal experiences and education ensuring this program is embedded in our Service and daily practices.

Additional Services

Oakville Preschool Learning Centre has an onsite speech therapist that visits the Centre weekly to conduct speech therapy with children. We offer onsite speech assessments and ongoing sessions for the convenience of our families. We embrace connections with children's therapists and support networking as we believe in a collaborative approach to each child’s early childhood journey. We invite children’s therapists into the Service to work alongside our team. We offer onsite eye screening and podiatry appointments. We work closely with each family to ensure we are providing each child and family with optimum support. We have a higher staff to child ratio to ensure all children and families are supported and detailed feedback on all children's progress occurs. 

Outdoor Play

Our beautiful natural outdoor environment is set on rural property, featuring real grass and natural elements it is popular amongst our children and families. Children have the space to explore and grow in an inviting and spacious setting. Our community garden and approach to sustainability is a unique part of our Service.Our animals are adored but the children, families and educators and they are a big part of our Centre and Porgram. The children visit and feed them daily and our outdoor play area is situated directly next to our animals. Our outdoor environment has a healthy mix of natural and man-made features. Our space and resources are challenging and stimulating. Our large outdoor area offers a range of experiences for all children to develop and grow to their full potential. Children are encouraged to explore freely in our beautiful environment and to connect to the earth and world around them. 

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